Jul 15, 2019

Considered one of the most sacred secret meditations, the Hunsani Meditation on the White Swan was practiced by early Christians in the caves of India. It involves sitting in silent stillness with the hands engaged in a mudra that helps bring the body and mind into a calm state.

If you want, you can start practicing for just 5 minutes and slowly increase to 11 minutes. The best time to practice it is just before bed. After the first 3 to 5 minutes, you will feel locked in the position. As you continue to meditate, you will reach a stage where the hands will become still and calm and the arms will start supporting themselves. The body will begin to relax. You will experience total relaxation as you continually stimulate the life nerves. Then, as you relax, you will start floating in the mental realm.

Karuna (Caroline Ashley) is the founder of Light On Kundalini, an online resource through which she shares Yogi Bhajan’s treasured Kundalini yoga teaching with students all over the world. She facilitates certified Level Two teacher training modules through the Kundalini Research Institute. She also teaches daily group yoga classes and private lessons in Boulder, Colorado, leads weekend intensives and facilitates retreats internationally. In addition, Karuna offers guided health cleanses and organizes special events featuring world-renowned Kundalini Yoga teachers, artists, and musicians. A classically trained actress and former Ford model, Karuna has studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Lakota Sioux healing tradition.

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