One Planet Peace Forum



Green Acre on the Piscataqua in Eliot, Maine

October 6th - 8th


This hybrid gathering has an in-person option, if you can make it to southern Maine during peak foliage time, or a live-streaming option for the Saturday afternoon session featuring Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan. 

Benefits of Participating:

  • explore and find the answers to the most vital questions of our time
  • learn peace building strategies from renown thought leaders
  • experience a rare and unique community building process
  • enjoy two evenings of unforgettable musical celebrations
  • leave…
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Parliament of the World Religions


The Parliament Returns to Chicago, August 14-18 

Contemplative Life and its partners are participating in the following events:

Interspiritual: What is its Meaning & Significance
Tues, Aug15, 8 am Hall E Room 15
The Science of Spirituality & the Spirituality of Science: Evolving a More Prosocial World
Wed, Aug16, 8 am Room E253a
The Parliament & the…
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Interested in learning new practices and connecting with others of like mind?

Explore many contemplative practices.

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

By Diane Berke

“People seldom understand the power of repetition. What is repeated over and over can become enduring; what is done in a moment is seldom lasting. If farmers do not…

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