The purpose of the emerging Bridging Synergy Circle is to engage in a deeper inquiry/conversation into what it means to bridge our divides – consciousness, spiritual, cultural, racial, gender, social, political, economic – within ourselves, our communities, our countries, and in the world.

We explore how we as a learning community use this inquiry to catalyze collective action and/or inform the work we do in the world. The synchronicities in our Circle are leading to synergies and the synergies lead to opportunities. We choose to skillfully and collectively act on those opportunities through sub-groups, partnerships, and/or together as the larger Circle. 


 The following initiatives and potential sub-groups are emerging from our exploration:  

  • Storytelling/media outreach, to explore:
  • How to hold our evolutionary journey as a consciousness journey
  • What might Evolutionary Leaders (EL) have to offer the broader community – our countries and the world – from the perspective of heart-mind?
  • How might we write about bridging/healing divides from the vantage of consciousness, of spirit?
  • How might we outreach to the entertainment industry – writers and producers of movies and television shows – to incorporate bridging language and conscious behavior into storylines that reach vast audiences?
  • Exploring, defining, and understanding levels (a continuum, a mandala) of consciousness, and how that relates to collective action
  • Delving into the root causes of the consciousness divide we see today, and how to encourage healing
  • A spiritual inquiry within the EL community
  • What do we mean by spirit, by consciousness?
  • How do we understand/work with conflict, as spiritual beings in physical form?
  • What spiritual technologies or practices might be useful for our group or elsewhere for building healthy bridges?
  • What are we doing on this planet, what is our role, how do we move to the next level of human expression?