This meditation session is a practice of inclusion. The more you realize that you are a part of everything in the universe and the “inner-verse” the more you will be able to simply allow. Allowing you to observe yourself as part of the whole and come to the realization that there is nothing outside of existence.

Practice Leader: Ron Lynch

Bio:   17 years Certified Personal Trainer, 9 years Yoga Instructor, 12 years Certified Health Coach,  4 years Certified Behavioral Change Specialist, Motor Control Restoration Specialist (Newly Acquired),16 years Corporate Health and Wellness Coach, 2 years Meditation Guide. I am a Mathematician by training and a peaceful soul by nature. My desire has always been to use the balance of my logical, spiritual and intuitive mind. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and several companies over the years helping individuals tap into their own power. I find joy in helping and learning from others.

Ron can be reached at , 9dozen on Instagram, and Primary Fitness on Facebook ( coming soon)

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