Transformation 365 is an open source online contemplative practice resource inspired by several friends attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions (PoWR) in Toronto in November of 2018. A remarkable gathering of thousands of global citizens representing the vast diversity of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, the PoWR is a high-energy, transformative event. Those of us who are veterans of such gatherings are keenly aware of the need to nourish our souls and ground our being even as the wonderful energy of the event activates our work in the world. And so, at the PoWR in Toronto, hosted early morning contemplative, meditative, and somatic practices in a corner of the United Religions Initiative’s hospitality suite, which they graciously opened to all people throughout the day for prayer, reflection, and rest. Across the board, people recognized and appreciated the need for balance between the inner and outer work wherein activists cultivate their contemplative side and contemplatives become more active in the world. Members of UNITY EARTH enthusiastically supported the idea of bringing contemplative practice to their global events leading up to World UNITY Week and beyond. That’s when a few friends who would later become the core members of Transformation 365 (T365) teamed up with 7 Days of Rest and Reflection with plans to host contemplative practices online during the first seven days of 2019. Since then, T365 has been offering two new video practices each month, initially launched as Facebook premieres and then made available at

We’ve selected ten practices from the T365 practice library to share with you, with the hope that you will chose to practice at least one of them every day this week. If you enjoy these practices and would like to explore our free and diverse library of guided practices, please visit us at

Thank you,

T365 Core Team

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