Being an Instrument of Peace and Happiness


A classical violinist and Raja Yoga meditation practitioner, Ayako Ichimaru experienced a spiritual awakening that has added a new dimension to her music. Already an internationally-celebrated performer, Ayako began using her realization to spread the message of “peace and happiness within” to audiences around the world. Ayako describes her personal transformation as having gone from playing her instrument to becoming an instrument of Divine Energy. In this extraordinary practice, Ayoko invites us to experience along with her the same vibration that inspired each of the two pieces she masterfully plays. Allow yourself to be moved by the beauty of both the sound and the silence.

Originally from Japan, Ms. Ayako Ichimaru now resides in Hong Kong. She is a world-renowned classical violinist, having performed at the White House in Washington, DC, the United Nations headquarters in New York City, and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Ayako also composes music and is active in the Hong Kong pop music scene. A practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation, she now spreads the message of “peace and happiness within” as she performs her music worldwide.

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