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Are you feeling anxious and fearful lately?
Can you remember a time when you felt carefree and calm? Any feeling you may be having at this moment also has an opposite.

David Ellzey’s simple 20-minute practice of Holistic Releasing will help you stop

Join animal chaplain Sarah Bowen and a diverse range of “otherkind” for a journey through the more-than-human world. We’ll stretch the practices of lectio divina (sacred reading), visio divina (sacred seeing), and audio divina (sacred listening) to

Rev. Diane Berke is the Founder and Spiritual Director of One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City A widely-respected pioneer in the field of an interfaith/interspiritual ministry education, she is an author, teacher, workshop and retreat l

Taking a fresh approach to 2020 by letting go of the aspects of our identity that limit our ability to be open, accepting and embracing of transformation.

Sister Jenna is a spiritual mentor, author, radio talk show host, renowned speaker and founder

Set aside four minutes to watch the video above. Put the video in full screen mode and try to give it your full attention.

Note that this video is just one example of a visual experience that can elicit awe; there are countless others, and being exp


This guided meditation is designed to help you expand your consciousness through imagination and visualization. It is intended to remind you that there is a Universal Intelligence guiding all of creation and that we can attune ourselves with that


Becoming a URI Cooperation Circle (CC) entails being a group of at least seven people, representing at least three religious traditions, and committed to a Charter whose purpose is “to promote enduring, daily interfaith coope


By way of daily practice, we can cultivate a deeper connection with the many facets of the Divine personality. Music, poetry, imagery, and silence designed to pique our awareness of the feminine move us beyond the gender identities we often bestow

Here’s what research has learned so far about humility in children.


Kids today are growing up on social media, which—as much as it connects us to others in new ways—seems to offer an endless frenzy of opportunities for self-promotion and self-absor



by Brother Wayne Teasdale

We are rapidly entering a new age, and it will be, perhaps, the decisive time for the Earth. It will be an age unlike any other in the issues it will resolve, in the direction it assumes, in