Parliament of the World Religions


The Parliament Returns to Chicago, August 14-18 

Contemplative Life and its partners are participating in the following events:

Interspiritual: What is its Meaning & Significance
Tues, Aug15, 8 am Hall E Room 15
The Science of Spirituality & the Spirituality of Science: Evolving a More Prosocial World
Wed, Aug16, 8 am Room E253a
The Parliament & the Dawn of the Second Axial Age
Wed, Aug 16,1 pm Room E253a
Catalyzing a Global Ethic of Cooperation in Service of Love
Fri, Aug18, 1 pm Hall E-Room16

ProSocial Spirituality Events

Prosocial Spirituality Introductory Workshop  Mon, Aug 16, 1 pm Room E353b
Prosocial Spirituality Open Forum Tues, Aug 15, 5 pm Room E353b
Prosocial Spirituality Participatory Action Pods  Wed, Aug 16, 3 pm Room E353b
Prosocial Spirituality beyond the Parliament of the World's Religions  Th, Aug 17, 5 pm Room E353b
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