Quality Time Meditations

 Spiritual Hygiene, Cleansing your Energy Field with the Four Elements

Spend “Quality Time” with Yourself and Vastly Improve Your Life You are your most “significant other.” But how much quality time do you spend with yourself? How well do you know yourself? Meditation gives you the wonderful opportunity to just “be with” and really get to know yourself. Yanni Maniates has recorded twelve guided meditations to help you to learn how to quiet your mind and open your heart. By doing so, you can live your life more wisely, healthfully, and compassionately. Each of these meditations will help you to shift into a relaxed, healthy, and whole state of being—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Here are some words of guidance from Yanni: Begin by choosing whichever meditation calls to you first, and then gradually go through all of them over the course of several days or weeks. Find the one(s) you like most and practice them daily. After you become familiar with a given meditation, you can begin to practice it on your own—shortening, lengthening, or revising it as you wish. Note that as you practice these meditations you may find that they somehow find a way to “show up” just at the right moment in your day when you most need them. For example, when you really need to destress or to revive your energies or to experience some much-needed compassion, you’ll know intuitively which practice you need.

These practices help remind you that balance and inner peace are your natural states of being no matter what else is going on at any given moment. Peace of mind is just a breath or a thought or an image away. I have found in the nearly sixty years that I have been meditating that it is so important to give yourself the “quality time” you need each day to revive, heal, and bring yourself into balance and heart/mind coherence. Physiologically all it takes is three to four minutes of meditation to change the chemical makeup of the hormones coursing through your body from being stressful, inflammatory ones to primarily being healthy, healing, relaxation hormones. So, give yourself the blessed gift of meditation every day. It will become your steadfast companion. You definitely deserve it. Happy meditating! When you are Quiet, you can eavesdrop on God. And then you can truly Listen to and come to Know yourself.

~Yanni Maniates Yanni Maniates, MS, CMI, is a spiritual and consciousness guide and pioneer who has been teaching Intuitive Development, Meditation, Healing, Hermetic Wisdom, Ancient Mystery School and Metaphysical subjects for 30 years. He has trained thousands of people to successfully meditate and deeply develop their Intuition. He is the author of six Kindle books on Meditation and Intuition, three Meditation CDs and numerous courses. As well, he has been doing “Soul Readings” for decades. The primary focus of his work is to help people experience the “still, small voice within,” or as he prefers to call it, “The Embrace,” and then to help them live a fulfilling life that is bursting with real passion and grounded in true integrity. He loves helping people discover who they really are. In addition, as a sacred activist he works with UNITY EARTH, an international network of spiritual leaders and activists, as its Global Projects Liaison and as Chair of its United States 501(c)(3) Board. As well, he is a core member of the contemplative practice community Transformation 365 yanni.maniates@verizon.net www.insideoutjourneys.com When You Are Quiet, You Can Eavesdrop on God And then you can truly Listen to and come to Know yourself. When You Remember Who You Are, You Forget Who You Weren’t

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