Unconditional love

Discontent is a spiritual illness. The illness attacks when the soul’s natural tendency towards love is blocked. This practice explores a simple process of identifying discontent within, and applying the intrinsic energy of unconditional love to heal the illness and bring a state of well-being. BK Sister Mary Friedland is an avid practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation. She resides in Chicago, where she coordinates activities of the Brahma Kumaris for Chicago and the Midwest, and teaches courses in meditation and practical spirituality. She is on the Core Team of Transformation365.org, a group of passionate contemplatives who produce free online meditation practices. Mary enjoys applying spiritual principles to unravel life’s knotty problems, and sharing what she learns with others. Her spiritual studies and her dedication to spiritual service began in San Francisco in 1987. brahmakumaris.org, bkmetrochicago.org

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