Transformation 365: Grounding Unity Awareness through Deep Daily Practice

“Daily spiritual practice is the technology of inner change.” Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart

Transformation 365 was born of an inspired connection that transpired in the halls of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto this fall. That’s the beauty of big events like the Parliament: face-to-face encounters lead to intentional dialogues, which then spark new initiatives and ongoing collaboration. We love the big unifying events! But Transformation 365 is about what happens in between the big events. This initiative focuses entirely on daily practice as the ground from which the unity of all creation is revealed, even as we work together to spread the message of oneness worldwide.

The various convergences along The Road to 2020 are truly transformative experiences. Coming together to embrace one another and our shared vision of Earth as a unified, peaceful, sacred planet empowers us to do our part in bringing it to fruition. But before we begin to approach this beautiful work, transformation must happen on the soul level. Every religious tradition and non-traditional spiritual walk offers practices by which we may deepen our sense of unity by dismantling the illusion that we are divided or separate in any way. Without the daily practices Brother Wayne Teasdale called the “technology of inner change”, we can easily fall into the trap of attempting to change the world without first attending to our own inner transformation.

Transformation 365 is a collaborative experiential practice network with both local and virtual communities designed to cultivate and support contemplative practice. Members of these communities experiment with diverse teachings on a regular daily basis, with opportunities to explore new practices or go deeper into one practice for a period of time. Our network is linked with some of today’s great meditation teachers, quantum scientists, and modern-day mystics, many of whom will offer teachings from time to time. But it’s really the members of the communities who breathe life into Transformation 365, as they share their experiences and offer support to one another, day in and day out.

When contemplative practice becomes a natural part of our daily lives, we begin to see the oneness of all creation through a new lens. We may have personally experienced this heightened clarity while on silent retreat, or when deeply inspired by a sublime piece of music, or while gazing at a breathtaking sunrise. Or maybe we catch a glimpse of this oneness through our own suffering or while standing in solidarity with oppressed peoples. We’ve all had enlightened moments where we can clearly see that all is one. But as weeks go by and we’re stuck in traffic, horns blaring all around us, we may begin to feel anything but oneness with our fellow commuters. By developing a deep daily practice, we ground our awareness in the reality that all is indeed one—even in rush hour traffic. And so, we might return gently to that awareness and ultimately move into a new level of consciousness marked by unshakable unconditional love for all.

Inspired by the shared vision of two global organizations, Transformation 365 brings the unity awareness so powerfully demonstrated in the life-changing events hosted by Unity Earth into the rhythm of daily life through the deep and sustained practices hosted by Contemplative Life. Developed collaboratively by Yanni Maniates, Diane Berke, Jeff Genung, and Kate Sheehan Roach, Transformation 365 creates communities centered on the very practices they’re designed to cultivate.

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In the Spirit of Oneness,

Kate Sheehan Roach

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