Transformation 365


 Grounding Unity Awareness through Deep Daily Practice 

Transformation 365 was born of an inspired connection that transpired in the halls of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto this fall. That’s the beauty of big events like the Parliament: face-to-face encounters lead to intentional dialogues, which then spark new initiatives and ongoing collaboration. This initiative focuses on daily practice as the ground from which the unity of all creation is revealed, even as we work together to spread the message of oneness worldwide.

Inspired by the shared vision of two global organizations, Transformation 365 brings the unity awareness so powerfully demonstrated in the life-changing events hosted by UNITY EARTH into the rhythm of daily life through the deep and sustained practices hosted by Contemplative Life. It is a collaborative experiential practice network with both local and virtual communities designed to cultivate and support deep and sustained practice. Members of these communities experiment with diverse teachings on a regular daily basis, with opportunities to explore new practices or go deeper into one practice for a period of time.




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