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4 steps to ensure people feel good when they are with you

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What impact do you have when you enter a room? What do people feel when you leave?

Being powerful means that people experience something, positive o

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Move over mindfulness, there’s another wellbeing movement entering the fore. Woman looks at the kind side of selfishness. . .

Woman bathingTime out – treat yourself well, it’s not all about others

Caring for others often comes more naturally than caring for o

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Quietly ponder these insights

Valli Herman

Scientific and secular supporters of meditation are using the ancient practice as a

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Although in some ways it can seem quite simple, mindfulness is a multifaceted skill. The bo

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Meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytimeMeditation being practiced.(Shutterstock/-)

Contrary to what people may believe, meditation does not require you to go to a certain place or be in a particular condition, says a meditation community member.

“Meditation is actually very easy; you ca

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Happiness is a state we all want to achieve, but it often seems elusive. Have you ever felt happy one moment and then thought that it won’t last, which makes you feel less happy in the next moment? How frustrating is that? What is happiness? Is it

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Mindfulness ma

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Rachel Beard talks to Carmelite nuns in Delgany about living a contemplative life
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Rachel Beard 

Wasting your life’, that was really the answer you got from most people,” Sr Gwen Collins says of her life as an

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According to a Pew Research Report, 20 percent of Americans describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated.

The percentage is much higher for young people, up to 72 percent of them are not religious.

The Buddhist magazine “Lion’s Roar” points out t

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Our Authority of Being, by Mark Nepo


Finding the place of inner stillness

Alex is a trial attorney who knows how to be assertive and use the authority of his position. He began as a public defender, and his closeness to
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