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Becoming a URI Cooperation Circle (CC) entails being a group of at least seven people, representing at least three religious traditions, and committed to a Charter whose purpose is “to promote enduring, daily interfaith coope

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By way of daily practice, we can cultivate a deeper connection with the many facets of the Divine personality. Music, poetry, imagery, and silence designed to pique our awareness of the feminine move us beyond the gender identities we often bestow

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Here’s what research has learned so far about humility in children.


Kids today are growing up on social media, which—as much as it connects us to others in new ways—seems to offer an endless frenzy of opportunities for self-promotion and self-absor
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by Brother Wayne Teasdale

We are rapidly entering a new age, and it will be, perhaps, the decisive time for the Earth. It will be an age unlike any other in the issues it will resolve, in the direction it assumes, in

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One of the most in-depth meditation studies to date shows that different practices have different benefits.

As citizens of the 21st century, we face many problems that come with an industrialized and globalized world. We’re confronting climate ch

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Nine Points of Agreement in the Interspiritual Declaration (From the work of the Snowmass Group)

  1. The world religions bear witness to the experience of Ultimate Reality to which they give various names: Brahma, Allah, (the) Absolute, God, Great

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How to Breathe Mindfully


Born breathing, we are naturally equipped with an easy and accessible strategy for anxiety prevention, stress reduction, conflict resolution and self-regulation.  Chances are, many people would benefit from a few lessons to 

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“There is a desperate need for spirituality in our time … We require a spirituality that promotes the unity of the human family, not one that further divides us or maintains old antagonisms.”


“Spirituality is the very breath of the inner life. It is

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The essence of the Christian mystery is a revelation of divine love. It's less about rules or forms of religious expression and more about the incarnation of love and how you and I can also be transformed by this universal and unconditional love.


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A reader once asked. What’s your view on the phenomenon of spiritual ecstasy? I used to think, before I experienced it, that it was a surge of positive emotion, rather like joy. Experienced in the body. Actually, in my experience spiritual ecstasy ta

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Which people feel the most wonder and amazement in life.

Do you marvel at the wonder and beauty of life? Do you feel a positive emotional connection to nature?

If so, you might be prone to awe, that goosebumpy sensation that we get in the presence

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New research is starting to explore how gratitude works to improve our mental health.

With the rise of managed health care, which emphasizes cost-efficiency and brevity, mental health professionals have had to confront this burning question: How

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A new study suggests that we judge ourselves more harshly than others do when we put ourselves out there.

We all know the experience of vulnerability, even if we don’t call it by that name. It’s that feeling you get when you’re about to tell some

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A new study suggests that people who are highly empathic process music differently in their brains.

Music seems to be a social glue. Think of how love songs enhance our romantic feelings, how marching bands inte
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