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 Spiritual Hygiene, Cleansing your Energy Field with the Four Elements

Spend “Quality Time” with Yourself and Vastly Improve Your Life You are your most “significant other.” But how much quality time do you spend with yourself? How well do you k

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Discontent is a spiritual illness. The illness attacks when the soul’s natural tendency towards love is blocked. This practice explores a simple process of identifying discontent within, and applying the intrinsic energy of unconditional love to
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A classical violinist and Raja Yoga meditation practitioner, Ayako Ichimaru experienced a spiritual awakening that has added a new dimension to her music. Already an internationally-celebrated performer, Ayako began using her realization to spread

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The Soul Space Practice (SSP) is a simple, embodied, energetic hygiene practice that is most helpful when we exercise it daily, just like brushing and flossing our teeth. The SSP helps us to ground our spirit in a clean and pure vessel by transmutin

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When we sit and observe the breath, we can learn 2 things about life:

1. There is no need to cling

2. We are connected to everything in the universe As the word guru suggests – gu means darkness, ru means dispeller – thus, darkness dispeller.

Ron Ly

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Welcome to this session of eight brief spiritual listening practices. You will be invited to reflect on each one after which there will be one minute of silence, ending with a gong. You may want to listen to all eight practices in one session, or yo

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The brain crystal activation practice holds energetic information which allows us to evolve from homo sapiens to homo luminous. The purpose of the brain crystal activation practice is for our lives to become an extension of our pure spirit: the way

This deepening practice synchronizes your mind and heart through a sweeping sentient journey within. Integrating a combination of meditation techniques including loving kindness and inner vision with somatic influence, greatly expanded emergence, an